Born in Bilbao (1966), Spain. A graduate in Fine Arts from the University of the Basque Country, Idoia has alternated for two decades her work as an art teacher and her work as a graphic and digital designer, but not forgetting her early vocation as a creator.


From his earliest childhood he stood out for his great capacity for drawing and painting, fundamentally painting watercolors of still life and oil paintings of landscapes. Starting in the 1990s, he inaugurated a new artistic stage focused on graphic and digital design in which his interest in vector development predominates as a tool that shapes artistic forms. In the years 2009-2010, his works are selected in such prestigious pages as Qualid or Fubiz, designed to highlight new projects in the field of design and art, and collaborates with several design companies.


Since the end of 2015, he has turned his personal path, dedicating himself fully to Art in his different visual facets, where his creative capacity is reflected in the series "Portraits", "Animals" and "Of everyday life". This rebirth of his vocation is synthesized with the nickname of "artist in expansion".

Idoia Asensio

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