Silvia Sánchez was born in Bilbao (Spain). The family moved to Madrid where she spent most of her formative years. From a young age she began to draw and experiment with colored pencils and watercolors.


As she grew, obtained her law degree and married, so did her artist endeavors as she perfected her technique. Shortly , she moved to Barcelona where she would spend most of her adult life save a short three year stint in Lisbon. Juggling motherhood and her passion for art, she found Barcelona to be the perfect atmosphere for an artist. It was there that she resumed her studies in painting and attended various workshops and even taught art for children.


In this mediterranean atmosphere she exhibited her works for the first time and grew in confidence as an artist. The interactions with other artists, the feedback from the public and even the sharing of art with children convinced her of the importance of the give and take between artist and spectator. She discovered that her work was able to provoke many emotions from people.


To describe Silvia´s work is to look beyond the obvios in everyday situations.Woman is the centric part of her artworks. She plays with vivid colours to portray the rich variety and complexity of female facets at everyday moments : glamour, friendship, attitude, joy, melancholy .


Artixt Silvia

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