I am Francisco de Asís Borrego de la Rubia. Madrid. Generation of 82.


Experiences and gave me life. Also the value of art and her passion for him. Making my passion as well. Instilled in me values such as curiosity, the approach of the “whys” and “wheres” and the desire to always be better.


I always knew that art would be part of my life.
For many years I yearned to be an archaeologist paleontologist, but seeing the few outlets that provided...


I kept looking for alternatives. One day I saw an ad for an NGO. Art I saw on one side and a way to help others who are not heard. I chose to advertise with the desire to do something similar someday. After Diploma in Advertising and Marketing, reality slapped me. The crisis hit the sector and then the other sectors ... at this time I worked on several projects that I contributed knowledge and new ideas. But he still felt something was missing.

And I got on another ship. The “Graphic Design Technician.” With this decision, I was absorbing all the concepts I had experienced in the career of advertising and applied it together with what I had experienced before.
I wanted new challenges and I slipped away like a stowaway in another merchant. This is something new and totally different for me: "Technical management of human resources". I bring a new perspective on what a company is, especially a team and tools to connect both.

Having studied advertising and loved the cinema, my influences are very photograms. When I paint or take a photograph, I try to immortalize a feeling, a thought, an action. In short, I seek to be the narrator of a story. For this, I do not limit myself to a single technique. I can use: temperas, acrylics, inks, enamels, varnishes, lacquers, cakes, tea, coffee,etc.


I have participated in more than 50 exhibitions around the world. (Rome, Milan, Paris, Oporto, Amsterdam, Argentina, New York, Dallas, Ecuador, California, Madrid, Barcelona, Jaen, Zaragoza, etc).


Currently, I dedicate my time to create. To design. To paint. To expose my work. I also do commissioned work..

I am the creator and curator of this "Experiences" Project.

Fran Borrego


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Fran Borrego

Em@il: franborregoart@gmail.com

Tlf: 654 59 35 27



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