Daughter of an Italian father and Brazilian mother, the eldest of two brothers, Grazie since the street was a small extension of your backyard to play, sing, skate and talk. In college he graduated in interior design, but the desire to paint was greater than all, she left the office and took to the streets and began to print your art on the walls of the city that became his screen.


Her art speaks to the everyday life of the metropolis and draws the attention of passersby

with its delicate features it comes to troubling questions and fruits of their research as being of humanity, kindness and decay in civilizations, the position of women in ancient society and current, motherhood, generation, creation, the sacred,melancholy, pain and death and life cycle.


The young Brazilian artist Graziele Grassone currently lives and works in São Paulo, where she prints her poetry on the walls of the city and that too with a variety of media.


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